Conflict of Interest Forms

FORM CIQ   Download
Conflict Of Interest Questionnaire
For vendor or other person doing business with local governmental entity
Instructions for the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire   Download
FORM CIS   Download
Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement
Instructions are on page 2 of the document

Conflict of Interest Questionaires on File

Randall J. Cook   Download

Hardy & Atherton, PC   Download

John C. Hardy   Download

Texas Association of School Administrators   Download

Texas Association of School Boards Inc.   Download

Feldman & Rogers, L.L.P.   Download

Texas Association of School Business Officials   Download
Gwendolyn W. Santiago, Exectuive Director

Universal Time Equipment   Download

Center for Equity and Adequacy in Public School Finance Inc.   Download

Creative Education Institute, Inc.   Download
Bonnie A. Lesley, President

Texas Association of Rural Schools   Download

Schwartz & Eichelbaum, P.C.   Download

Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators   Download

AIMS Education Foundation   Download
Terry Walther, Business Manager

Texas Association of Community Schools   Download

ASW Enterprises   Download

H. Wayne White   Download

KAMICO   Download

Cindy M. Russell   Download