Welcome to the Intermediate Counselor's Web Page!

My name is Terry Barnhill and I am the counselor at the elementary and intermediate campuses.

The school counselor gets to do so many things for so many people. That is what makes this job so rewarding! My #1 priority is to spend time with our students and help them develop and strengthen their social/emotional skills. I believe that reaching the heart of a child is equally as important as reaching his/her mind.

I am on the intermediate campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am available for individual student counseling, small group counseling and parent consultations.

For individual counseling, my door is always open to students who need help in dealing with problems or just need a quiet place to talk. I provide a safe and comfortable environment where students can share concerns and feelings in private. School counselor's respect the student's privacy; however, there are situations in which counselors are obligated by law and ethical standards to report information when a student's welfare may be in jeopardy.

Small group counseling involves the counselor working with two or more students together who may be having similar problems/issues. In small groups, students are able to share ideas, give and receive feedback, and practice social skills.

I am also available to assist parents with concerns about their children. We can meet in person or communicate either by phone or email. The intermediate phone number is 903-725-7077. My email address is barnhillt@harmonyisd.net

I look forward to working with our students. Have a great school year!


Terry Barnhill