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High School Gym Entry/Procedures





The following guidelines are set in place to ensure the maximum amount of safety that we can offer your student athletes, coaches, trainers, and spectators upon arrival to and while attending Mineola ISD for your basketball contest during the 2020-2021 season.


When you turn into the High School off of W Patten St. you will take a right come directly in front of the school. There will be two cones placed in front of the gym that will be reserved for you to park your bus in that location. Our staff will let the team in the doors on the left side of the “porch” that will allow you direct access to your locker room as well as to the stairway that will lead you and your team up to the reserved section we have for the visiting team.


For Spectators entering the campus off of Patten St. they will NOT turn right and go to the front of the school but continue straight and park beside the school on the left or follow around to the back of the school to park. Entrance into the game will be at the back of the school in our “Lobby” area. We will have staff there to take temperatures as well as take the pre-purchased tickets that your fans have purchased. Spectators with a temperature over a 100 will not be allowed in.


This is the link for your parents/fans to purchase tickets to the games:



Your fans will  need to click on the tab labeled “online tickets” and then find your schools game and click on the tab for your fans (there will be one for your school only and one for Mineola fans only).


Mineola High School

900 W Patten St

Mineola, TX. 75773


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:


Ryan Steadman: Head Boys Basketball

steadmanr@mineolaisd.net                (469) 337-1059


Alan Wilson: Head Girls Basketball

wilsona@mineolaisd.net                (903) 413-7649